See What Our Clients Are Saying

Libby was responsive to our requests. She has a very professional appearance and provides exceptionally flavorful meals. We look forward to out next service.

Ralph C.

Libby is a talented chef with a big heart! She cooks with love and her food is amazing!

Jemira T.

Libby did a great job with the meals she prepared for me. It took about 3.5 hours from start to finish and she labeled the containers she stored the meals in. Libby cleaned up after she was finished cooking and left the kitchen the way she found it. I was very happy with her service. The meals Libby prepared were tasty and well prepared to my liking.

Salvatore C.

Libby is a superb chef and person.Her services are such a perfect fit for our busy lives. Thanks to Libby, we can eat delicious food in our home without having to do any of the hard work to make it happen.

Amanda H.

Libby made her first visit to us and prepared three meals. It could not have happened at a better time because we had just returned from a cruise and were thinking about meal preparation for the weak. Libby was on time and came with everything required to prepare the meals we had selected. She was pleasant, well organized and the house smelled great all morning while she cooked. We enjoyed having her in the house and spending the time with Libby. We had our meal that evening and it was wonderful. Now we have more prepared meals that she made so Christmas has come early for us.

Donald K.

I really love my personal chef Libby! She creates a variety of healthy meals, with interesting, even exotic flavors. Reasonable prices and she will cook to your palette. Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Manley C.

If you like BBQ you have to try Chef Libby’s homemade sauce. Her BBQ sauce is hands down the best we’ve ever had!

Sarah T.

After interviewing us for our likes, dislikes and any potential allergies (Libby is ver thorough and concerned), she has prepared for us all of our favorites. Everything is top notch.

Rose D.